Siesta Key Zoning and Government

Siesta Key Overlay Zoning District (SKOD)

There are several levels of regulations that govern development of property on Siesta Key including the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, Siesta Key Overlay District and the Land Development Regulations.

The Comprehensive Plan is the top level of development regulations.  Since 1989, the Comprehensive Plan contains language that protects all Barrier Islands, including Siesta Key, from over development.  It includes the maximum density allowed on parcels as well as other limits.

The next level is the Zoning Code which provides information on what can be built on a parcel.  Included in the Zoning code would be requirements for buffers or side yard setbacks and number of parking spaces needed for a multi residential project.

The Siesta Key Overlay District (see 4.10.4 of the code) was created in 2001 with specific requirements for development on our island.  Restrictions on signage, impervious surface and other land development standards override the corresponding language in the zoning code.  For example, while residential property on the mainland do not have a maximum impervious surface limit, we have a 50% maximum impervious  limit on Siesta.

The Land Development regulations contains detailed construction information including height of doors and required strapping for roofs. 

Siesta Key regulations list (partial)

Among the Regulations on Siesta Key include:

  • Dogs must be leashed when outdoors. Dogs are not allowed on Siesta's beaches.

  • Short term (nightly) rentals are not allowed in residential single family neighborhoods.  Minimum stays in single family homes are 30 days.

  • Maximum impervious coverage on residential lots or parcel is 50%

  • Chickens are allowed on residential properties (maximum of 4)

  • Fireworks are prohibited. In the State of Florida, consumer use of fireworks as defined by Chapter 791 Florida Statutes by the public is illegal. Leave the fireworks for the professionals

Our Government

Siesta Key is unincorporated and is governed by Sarasota County, Florida.

Political information (click on underlined for more info):

Voting Precincts: 401, 403, 411, and 421


Congressional District: 16

      Congressman Vern Buchanan
State House District: 72

      Representative Alexandra C. Miller
State Senate District: 23

      Senator Greg Steube
County District: 04

      County Commissioner Al Maio (note we are

      represented by all County Commissioners but one

      must live in our district)
School Board District: 04

      School Board member: Shirley Brown

Elections office:

      Supervisor of Elections, Ron Turner

      Elections office website:

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