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Siesta Key Community News


Siesta Key Community, Inc.

The Siesta Key Community was created to advocate for protection of Siesta Key's environment and neighborhoods.  Our focus is on issues important for the protection of our island.  We will provide information and news about Siesta Key for residents and visitors. We hope our residents and visitors who love our island will continue to support our efforts. 

Since 2010, the Siesta Key Community has advocated for the preservation of our island.

Our mission statement:

Our mission is to educate and to advocate for issues that impact the environment and the quality of life of residents and visitors of Siesta Key.

Our goals include:

  • Protection of Siesta Key's natural environment

  • Protect Siesta Key neighborhoods from over-development

  • Protect current Siesta Key Zoning Code

  • Support local businesses and accommodations

  • Provide information on Siesta Key events and businesses through social media

For information on the president of Siesta Key Community, visit her website at

Lourdes Ramirez 2018.jpg

A message from our president, Lourdes Ramirez

From the moment I stepped on to

Siesta Key's wonderfully soft sand 24 years ago,

I knew I had to work to protect it's beauty. 

Since moving here, I've been actively involved in civic organizations and in politics. 

It has been my pleasure devoting time to ensure our Siesta Key community continues to be the best place to live and to spend quality time. I've been so passionate in protecting our way of life that I've spent my personal finances in legal fights against Sarasota County on issues regarding density, illegal rentals and other detrimental government actions.

I will continue to keep our community informed on ongoing issues.  ​


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