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Siesta Key Zoning

Brief History of Siesta Key Zoning

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Siesta Key Zoning

There are several levels of regulations that govern the development of property on Siesta Key including the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Code known as the Unified Development Code, and the Siesta Key Overlay District.

The Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan is the top level of development regulations.  Under Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, all local governments including Sarasota County are required to have a Comprehensive Plan to guide future growth and to address all aspects of development including traffic, environment, and coastal protections.  Since 1975, the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan contained language that protects all Barrier Islands, including Siesta Key, from over development.  It includes the maximum density allowed on parcels as well as other limits.

The next level is the Unified Development Code (UDC) which is the local Zoning Code providing information on what can be built on a parcel.  The UDC must follow the goals, objectives and policies of our Comprehensive Plan.  Included in the Zoning code are density limits and requirements for buffers or side yard setbacks and the number of parking spaces needed for certain projects.

The Siesta Key Overlay District (see Article 7 Section 124-102  of the code) was created in 2001 with specific requirements for development on our island.  

Our Government​

Siesta Key is unincorporated and is governed by Sarasota County, Florida.

Political information (click on underlined for more info):

Voting Precincts: 401, 403, 411, and 421


Congressional District: 17

      Congressman Greg Steube

State House District: 72

     Representative Fiona McFarland

State Senate District: 23

State Senator Joe Gruters

County Commission Districts: Siesta Key is divided into two districts.  The portion north of Stickney Point Road is District 2 and south of Stickney is District 4

School Board District #4


Elections office:

      Supervisor of Elections, Ron Turner

      Elections office website:

Siesta Key Overlay Zoning District (SKOD)

The Siesta Key Overlay District (see Article 7 Section 124-102  of the code) was created in 2001 with specific requirements for the development on our island.  It is a basic set of regulations affecting the aesthetics of the island including building setbacks.


Restrictions on signage, impervious surfaces, and other land development standards override the corresponding language in the zoning code.  For example, while residential property on the mainland does not have a maximum impervious surface limit, we have a 50% maximum impervious limit on Siesta.

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