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Siesta Key Legal Challenge News and Updates

Legal Challenges News & Updates


Support the Defense of Siesta Key!

Lourdes Ramirez successfully filed two legal challenges against Sarasota County for violating our growth laws: at DOAH and Circuit Court.

We are fundraising for the legal defense. Your support is critical to her success! Please use the link below and contribute to our cause!

Siesta Key Community is a 10 year old organization helping to raise funds for the Legal Defense of Siesta Key.  Your donation through the PayPal/credit card processing will be handled by Siesta Key Community Inc. 

Or mail a check to:

Note NEW PO Box #

Protect Siesta Key

PO Box 15663

Sarasota, FL 34277

Thank you!  


  • Contributions are not tax deductible

  • All proceeds go towards the legal defense fund. 

  • No group, association, or organizations has donated towards this lawsuit.  Some donors mistakenly sent donations to defend Siesta Key to other local groups believing it is being forwarded to our efforts.  Please be sure to send your check to the address listed above.  Thanks!



Latest News on Legal Challenges re: Mega Hotels


News on Our WIN in Sarasota County's Circuit Court


Circuit Court judge rules for Ramirez in Siesta hotel case

Link to article: Sarasota News Leader, 8/24/23 (link)


The Detail with Cathy Antunes on WSLR

Link to page, choose 8/24/23 show (Link)

Sarasota judge sides with Siesta Key advocate in hotel legal battle

​Link to article: Sarasota Herald Tribune, 8/22/23 (link)

Judge Sides With Siesta Key Resident Suing Sarasota

​Link to article: Sarasota Magazine, 8/22/23 (link)

Court rules Siesta Key hotels violate density caps

​Link to article: Sarasota Observer, 8/22/23 (link)

Link to Videos and Podcasts of News coverage on 8/22/23

News on Our WIN in Florida's Dept of Administrative Hearings

Ruling a possible blow to hotels?

​Link to article: Siesta Sand, 4/28/23 (link)


Week of Nov. 13 the earliest the trial could begin

​Link to article: Sarasota News Leader, 4/21/23 (link)


Siesta Key Hotel faces more legal scrutiny

​Link to article: Sarasota Observer, 4/18/23 (link)


Critics of proposed Siesta Key Hotel score 'Monumental' win

​Link to article: Sarasota Herald Tribune, 4/4/23 (link)


Administrative law judge rules for Siesta resident in challenge involving Calle Miramar hotel plans

​Link to article: Sarasota News Leader, 4/10/23 (link)


Critical Times, News and highlights of Interview With Cathy Antunes 4/13/23

Lourdes Ramirez-Quest for Saving Siesta Key from Rampant Development

The Repository Interview on YouTube, April 18, 2023 (link)



Court Hearing on our Motion for Summary Judgement heard on January 6th.

NOTE: We now wait for the Judge's decision 


Motion for Summary Judgement filed!

NOTE: On December 1st, we filed a motion for Summary Judgement.  


Judge denies Intervenors' (developers') request to expedite Ramirez's court case

On April 25th, the intervenors/developers asked the court to move up the trial date currently scheduled for March 27, 2023.  The Judge denied their request.  For detail information, see the following article from the Sarasota News Leader

Link to article:  Sarasota News Leader, April 28, 2022

Siesta resident cite inconsistency with Comprehensive Plan in lawsuit against Sarasota 

​Link to article:  Sarasota News Leader, December 2, 2021

Siesta Key Resident Takes Legal Action Against Sarasota County

​Link to article:  Sarasota Magazine, December 1, 2021

Lawsuit filed against Sarasota County following high-density hotel approval on Siesta Key

​Link to news:  News Channel 8, November 30, 2021

Siesta Key Hotel challenged in court By Sarasota County resident

​Link to article:  Sarasota Herald Tribune, November 29, 2021

Siesta resident challenges zoning change for hotel

​Link to news:  SNN, November 29, 2021

Critical Times show Clip on Win on hotel issue 4.19.23Lourdes Ramirez news
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