Welcome to Siesta Key!

Siesta Key Public Beach is Open.

Please practice social distancing.  There is plenty of room on the beach for sunbathers.

Arrive early (before 9am) to get parking.  When entering the parking lot area, go left (south).  There tends to be more spaces available than in the northern part of the parking lot.

Siesta Key Village restaurants and stores are open. Stay Safe!

Zoning Alert:  Mega Hotels proposed for Siesta Key

There are several proposals to create oversized mega hotels on Siesta Key.  In order to construct these mega hotels, developers will need the County Commission to approve a change to our comprehensive plan and zoning code.  Our zoning code has been in place since the 1950's.   Regulations to prevent any increase in intensity or density on the barrier islands have been in our code since 1989.  

Not satisfied in requesting the elimination of density requirements for new hotels on the barrier islands, the developers are asking to eliminate density on any hotel that requires redevelopment.  For more information on proposed mega hotels on Siesta Key, visit our Siesta Key Zoning alert page under the SK Government and Zoning tab or use this link.

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The Siesta Key Community was created to advocate for protection of Siesta Key's environment and neighborhoods.  We will provide information and news about Siesta Key for residents and visitors.  Our focus is on the issues important for the protection of our island. We  appreciate our residents and visitors who love our island that have supported our efforts. 
Lourdes Ramirez 2018.jpg
A message from our president,
Lourdes Ramirez

From the moment I stepped on to

Siesta Key's wonderfully soft sand 20 years ago, I knew I had to work to protect it's beauty. 

Since moving here, I've been actively involved in civic organizations and in politics. 

It has been my pleasure devoting time to ensure our Siesta Key community continues to be the best place to live and to spend quality time. I've been so passionate in protecting our way of life that I've spent my personal finances in legal fights against Sarasota County on issues regarding density, illegal rentals and other detrimental government actions.

I will continue to keep our community informed on ongoing issues.  

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Turtle Beach

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