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Siesta Key 

Zoning Alerts


Hotel proposals: What you can do...

Siesta Key residents and supporters can voice their concerns at two public hearing events (not yet scheduled):

  • Planning Commission meeting - a group of appointed politicians of the County Commission.  They are advisory only and have no decision-making authority. This takes place about 30 days before the County Commission hearings.  This meeting is optional for residents.

  • County Commission meeting - Send emails, letters and show up at the County Commission meeting to voice opposition to the mega-hotel proposals.  This meeting will be quasi-judicial which means the testimony by residents must be factual and should be able to stand up in court.  Residents and concerned citizens should focus on arguments that impact the public's safety, health, and welfare.   

    • These mega-hotel proposals will negatively impact public safety.  The hundreds of hotel, bar, and restaurant visitors every day will create road congestion that will impede emergency vehicles and prolong hurricane evacuations.

    • These mega-hotels will bring visitors that will lead to increased crime, noise, and trash.

    • The mega-hotels are not needed since Siesta Key already offers short-term rentals in the residential multifamily and commercial areas.

News Update

Calle Miramar & Beach Road

Hotel Proposal

Planning Commission

August 19

5 PM

1660 Ringling Blvd

County Commission

October 27th

9 am

1660 Ringling Blvd

Stickney Point 

Hotel Proposal


Planning Commission

September 2

5 PM

1660 Ringling Blvd

County Commission

November 2

9 am

1660 Ringling Blvd

County Commission public hearings have been scheduled for the fall.

Sign our Petition to stop the mega Hotels madness!

  • NO to increase density on Siesta Key

  • NO to increase intensity on Siesta Key

  • Protect the character of Siesta Key

  • Do not add more traffic, noise and crime

  • No reduction on setbacks

petition link
Siesta Key Hotel madness

There are several proposals to change the character and ambiance of Siesta Key including allowing 8 story hotels to be built without restrictions on density.  The proposal to the County's Unified Development Code will allow any hotel in Sarasota County to be rebuilt without density restrictions.  The following are three hotel proposals to date that have been submitted to the County's Planning Department.  So far, no public hearing has been set on any proposal. 

Siesta Key mega-hotel: 1260 and 1266 Old Stickney Point Road

This 8 story high hotel proposed near Stickney Point Road has already received variances that reduced setback requirements to only 2 feet from the sidewalk.  

Document links:   


Siesta Key mega-hotel: 221 Beach Road

This proposed hotel is for the old UPS store site.  The property has only 1 acre yet the developers is proposing to add an 8 story 170 unit hotel on this small parcel

Document links:   

Siesta Key mega-hotel: 5311 Ocean Blvd and 215 Calle Miramar

This mega-hotel is being proposed for the former Best Western site.  The property owner is proposing to tear down his two hotel and replace it with large hotels that contain at least 170 units per acre.  The property owner is asking any old hotel in Sarasota County be allowed to be rebuilt without density restrictions.

Document links:   

Siesta Key mega-hotel: 5810 Midnight Pass Road

This mega-hotel is being proposed for the former Wells Fargo site.  The property owner is proposing to tear down the bank and build a hotel with a bar/restaurant at double the maximum density.  They propose 52 units per acre.

Document links:   

Zoning Alert:  Mega Hotels proposed for Siesta Key

August 2021 News:  There are several proposals to create oversized mega hotels on Siesta Key.  Regulations to prevent any increase in intensity or density on the barrier islands have been in our code since 1989.  Hotels can have 26 units per acre and the developers are asking for 100-170 units per acre.  That is 3x the maximum for the city of Orlando!  For more information on proposed mega hotels on Siesta Key, visit our Siesta Key Zoning alert page under the SK Government and Zoning tab or use this link.

 We created a detailed 'whitepaper' to address concerns of the increase in density proposed by hotel developers. We welcome you input.  Send an email to us (link)
Read a copy of the


  1. Paper opposing the hotel proposal because it violates our Comprehensive Plan (link)

  2. Attachments to the paper (link)

  3. Paper opposing hotel because it violates UDC code (coming soon)

Video Link to our September presentation to the Planning Commission (4 minutes).  The presentation illustrates how the proposed mega hotels violate our local and state growth laws.  (Youtube Link)

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